Monday, June 9, 2014


In early 2013 Sssssss! slithered its way out of a series of late night phone conversations between Rich and Rick that began to fester like a soft white underbelly. A form of flaming telepathy had filled cell phone towers in Southern California – sending messages that music with a subhuman vibe needed to happen soon. Rick and Rich were tired of being beaten down by the prevailing trends and decided... to make music on their feet rather than on their knees. A month later Jilly stepped into the picture, took off her mascara and chained herself to a big damn amp. The tyranny of these three underwent a great mutation when John entered the picture in the fall. With a purposeful grimace, heavy beats were thrown back down between the guitars, vocals and flute. In the last days of May, Sssssss! recorded a four song demo at Justin Burrill’s studio in Echo Park. Joe Dean (MajicBulletTheory, The Wrinkling Brothers) joined these sessions on bass, filling out the low-end fireworks. 


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